Karst van Oosten
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Karst van Oosten 
      -  Guitarist/Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Karst van Oosten is an Amsterdam based Guitarist/Singer, composer and Multi-Instrumentalist experienced working with various musical styles and genres.

Short bio Karst was introduced to keyboards and computer music at a young age but soon after he first picked up the guitar at around age 15, he found out all he wanted to do was play and write music. After gaining experience playing in various bands, and learning about music theory from Raise the Roof guitarist Sander Hop, he spend some years studying to prepare for the traditional jazz guitar major at the conservatory, though at age 21 he choose instead to attend a special composition major at the Utrecht School of Arts enabling a focus on both playing and composing in multiple musical styles; not just jazz, but also classical, rock, pop, electronic and film music. After mainly focusing on composing and producing music for radio, TV, film, commercials and other media production for several years, while playing in bands on the side, Karst's main focus at some point shifted back to playing in bands, though he still composes music for film and and other media once in a while.

As a Guitarist/Singer and Multi-instrumentalist Karst participated in projects ranging from funk, rock, grunge, metal, punk and electronical music, to classical music and jazz. Some of the bands and projects Karst participated in so far are: Punk-Jazz-Metal Ensemble 'Tsja...' (with Moke bassplayer Marcin Felis on Drums), The Phonetics feat. ex-urban dance squad's DJ DNA, Boy Edgar Prize winner Alan Laurillard's In Da Da pocket (avantgarde, jazz, funk), Live Hiphop project Skizm (with Boemklatsch's Mc.Atactic), Danarama, Lupo (retro pop/rock), Live Soundscape Project with Michiel Bertens & Mark Nieuwenhuis,  Skiff (singer-songwriter), Roy Avni feat. Mason's release 'Horz', NHpop2011 winner and Grote Prijs 1/4 Finalist 2012 Rodelle (post-pop), Player (finalist Clash of the Coverbands 2013/2014), Christopher Max and EXP, a raw and soulful power trio fronted by Karst that plays originals as well as covers and notably their tribute to The Jimi Hendrix Experience, with which they managed to reach the semi-finals of the European Battle of the Coverbands 2014/2015.

As a Composer of music for media productions Karst delivered music for (short)film, documentaries, corporate film, and other media productions, such as: Parels en Zwijnen (TV series), Taped (movie), Penvriendin (korte film), Avro's Ziezo (children's program), World press Photo (documentary), and composed music for commercials and corporates for a.o. General Electrics, Volkskrant Banen, Akzo Nobel and Kennisnet.

As a Music Technologist and Producer Karst recorded, mixed and produced most of his compositions for media productions, and also contributed to recordings of a few independed releases for bands and acts such as: Pony Camp (post-rock), In Da Da Pocket (jazz-funk), Lupo (pop-rock), Danarama (singer-songwriter meets beats), Michael Beard's Trendy 3D Junk (live @ sju jazzpodium), Subbacultcha (rock), Norman Kapoyos (funk-soul), and Dodewaard (emo core). Beside this Karst also worked as a DJ (a.o. resident in Ekko) and sound engineer (a.o. resident technician in Ekko, De Vloer (Tivoli de Helling) and SJUhuis).