Karst van Oosten & Audio Arts
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Karst van Oosten

    I'm a Guitarist and a bass player with a broad musical
      interest ranging from Funk, Soul and Blues to
      Rock and Metal, and from Jazz to
      Classical and Film Music. I learn new repertoire
      fast so if you're looking for a driven, versatile and
      creative guitarist or bassplayer I might be your guy.
   And I'm a Composer and a songwriter. I write and arrange
      music for the bands I work with and I compose and produce
      music for Film, Short Film, TV, documentary, Games,
      Commercials and the like.

Audio Arts

AudioArts is the brand I use when composing, 
      recording or performing music on demand for Film,
      Documentary, Bands,  Musicians, Acts, Corporate
      presentations, DVD, Games, Theater. In these types
      of productions it may be me working solo, or
      collaborating with other freelance creatives.

.. Oh and I Teach Guitar lessons in Amsterdam
      (oud-zuid), bass guitar lessons, band coaching,
      composition, songwriting, music theory and music
      technology. I teach in both Dutch and English and to
      both absolute beginners and advanced players who
      want to broaden their horizon and/or
      extend their skill set.